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Permanent Cosmetics & Eyelash Extensions & more..

3D eyebrows is implanting one hair stroke at a time (mimicking real hair) going the direction your hair normally grows. Using 3 colors the results are absolutely amazing and will give you a very All Natural look ,know one will ever know its not your real hair or that its been cosmetically enhanced. Every clients face will be scientifically measured and eyebrows will be custom designed according to each individuals face ,hair color and skin tone .Perfect if you have minimal eyebrow hair from over plucking or just loss of eyebrow hair due to mature age. Even with full eyebrow hair , giving shape and balance 3D eyebrows will do wonders for any person. Swanie B is world renowned leader in the cosmetic field for 3D eyebrows & the only cosmetic artist in the desert offering custom designed Real 3D eyebrows. 

Permanent Cosmetics 

April customizes all her procedures to each individuals face shape, color of skin, color and shape of eyes and hair color.She specializes in 3-D Eyebrows, which is hair like strokes that mimic natural hair. Measuring your face to know where your eyebrows start and end scientifically according to each individuals face. She draws shapes and discusses color for the eyebrows. Eyeliner's from soft and subtle to thick and dramatic. Lips/ lip liner/ blended or full color, specializing in shaping and giving the client a long lasting beautiful shape and natural color. 

Who can benefit from Permanent Makeup? People with:

An active lifestyle
Contact lenses
Visual impairment
Hay fever and watery eyes
Little or no brow hair
Alopecia (absence of hair)
Sparse or light lashes
Difficulty in makeup application
Unsteady or arthritic hands
Allergies to conventional cosmetics
Scars resulting from accidents or surgery

What to expect:

Your procedure will appear much darker the day it is done. This darker color will remain for approximately 3-5 days while the wetting solutions that were mixed with the pigment are being absorbed leaving behind the pigment in its dry form.

The first two weeks after a procedure is called the color stabilization time. The first few hours after a procedure, the color will darken as the swelling subsides. In three to seven days, the epidermal (outer) layer of skin will gradually peel or flake off as the new layer re-grows. Some of the color will come off with this layer. Allow a 10% to 50% fade during this time. Your color will soften with time. Using total sun block and avoiding tanning beds and chlorinated water will help prolong the duration of your color.

I use a two-step topical numbing technique for our clients’ comfort. Before any procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied and allowed to set for at least 15 minutes. An additional application of topical anesthesia is applied during the treatment. Most clients remain very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. After the procedure is complete, most clients experience some redness and slight swelling of the treated area. However with my topical anesthesia this is very minor.   This is temporary and usually subsides within a few hours for eyeliner and brows, and a day or two for lip procedures. Applying ice to the treated area will help reduce swelling and assist in the healing process.

Eyelash Extensions

Applying Eyelash extensions is a very precise, detailed oriented art form. The job requires knowledge that should be obtained from a reputable eyelash extension company that offers high quality training and 
certification.  Unfortunately, there are many people who have not had proper training and are applying lashes improperly and using low quality glue, applying cluster or flare lashes rather than individual lashes.  The outcome is usually a clumpy look that can be awkward and uncomfortable resulting in a heavy loss to your own eyelashes. I have been properly trained and certified by.  You can rest assured that you will receive the most professional services with high quality products.

                      Individual Eyelash Extensions
Craving for longer & more luscious and natural looking lashes? 
Eyelash Extensions are an exciting new product and technique for longer and more abundant looking eyelashes. Individual synthetic and naturally curved eyelash extensions are glued directly to the natural lashes,
one by one using a water resistant strong bond adhesive formulated for a permanent bond that dries soft on lashes.  Lashes are weightless, very comfortable on the eyes, and will not prematurely cause the natural lashes to fall off.   Lashes will stay on up to two months.  Refills every two weeks are necessary to maintain lashes looking fresh and beautiful.  The entire lash procedure is very comfortable and relaxing; so be ready for “The Beauty Sleep” and be awaken with lush, beautiful lashes!

           Individual Cluster Eyelashes (Party Lashes)
Individual flared synthetic and naturally curved eyelashes come in different lengths.